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Liberate your feet!

Limber Strength is collaborating with Riccardo Galeotti of Canberra Acupuncture & Movement Therapy on a 6-part Workshop to ‘Liberate your Feet and Body’

So let’s have a chat about your feet!

Who is the workshop series for, and how will this liberate your feet and body

We use the Anatomy in Motion (AiM) method, which will gently help revive your natural, authentic capacity for movement and self-healing, improving your balance, and enhancing athletic performance. This new, cutting edge approach from the United Kingdom (see more about AiM here) on finding centredness through your feet and through better/improved body posture is from Gary Ward, a pioneer in understanding the biomechanics of human gait analysis.

The Introductory Workshop is for everybody from all walks of life who owns a pair of feet. Registration is cost-free. Following that, there will be a series of 6 Workshops of instruction and practicals, registration is $330.

The first Introductory Workshop will be held on Saturday, 15 May 2021. Workshops will then be scheduled In-house, spaced at fortnightly intervals between the dates of 2 June – 28 July 2021. Further information is below.

"Did you know that one foot has 33 joints & 26 bones and your spine has 33 joints & 34 bones. Since both these structures harbour the same number of articulating joints, isn’t the impact of movement in each of your feet equally as important as movement in your spine?” (from page 111 ‘What The Foot’ by Gary Ward”).

Joseph Pilates said that ‘change happens through movement, and movement heals’. The 6-part Workshop will be taught over 12 weeks, teaching you to assess, manage and take care of your own body through movement, starting with the feet.

What will the workshop involve?

In this 6-part workshop we want to impart to participants a new appreciation of foot and body interactions and how better function can lead to a better, more ‘centred’ posture. Centred posture facilitates all modes of movement and sport, from the less vigorous daily activities of life to the very active walker, cyclist, runner, football player, gym junkie, dancer, etc. The workshops will cover the steps below:

  • Step 1 – Walking

  • Step 2 – Assessing how you move

  • Step 3 - Shoulders and Upper limb movement and functions

  • Step 4 – Full body movement

  • Practical sessions

  • Equipment for the exercises, Journal notes included


What if:

I’m a Pilates or Yoga teacher, will this 6-part workshop help my students?

Yes it will provide you with new tools that will enable fresh insights into your own body, and with getting even more understanding from dynamic movement assessments that you use for your clients as well.

I work in an Office ...

Yes, for sure. Prolonged sedentary work plays havoc with our bodies, our muscular & nervous systems become dormant. The Finding Centre exercises help develop your self-awareness and refind your lower & upper body alignment and gently strengthen your feet, ankles, legs, hips for daily comfort.

I am a Tradie …

Being on your feet most of the day, with feet cooped up in heavy protective boots, you will appreciate learning the exercises for your feet that will make them feel so refreshed! Happy feet make for a happier body!

I am an Athlete ..

Strenuous, repetitive movements performed at high levels of intensity are obviously very demanding on the body, and the Finding Centre method will help to relieve and realign so the athlete can naturally optimise their performance from the ground up.

I have had sore feet for too long now .. there is always hope. As Riccardo says ‘where there is some movement through and between the joints, there is the chance for change’.

It is never too late to explore what benefits of the AiM Method might hold for you! Even very small alterations in our posture can make dramatic differences in our health and wellbeing.

The first Introductory Workshop will be held on Saturday 15/5/21.

This will be a 15-minute meeting with each registered individual to do an initial posture and movement assessment using digital technology and accompanying chat. There is no charge for this workshop.

Workshops will then be scheduled In-house, spaced at fortnightly intervals between the dates of 2 June – 28 July 2021.

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