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Meet my Inspiring Client, Trish (April 2021)

My lovely client, Trish, is just 40 years old with two small children. She inspires me because of her balanced approach to life, family, and work. She is grounded in all senses of the word, really enjoys movement practice, and her commitment to getting fitter and stronger is impressive.

Trish has been doing Pilates with me for more than 2 years, and took up Power Lifting 6 months ago.

The Power Lifters are regularly tested to see check on the progress of their Squat, Bench

Press, and Deadlift competencies. Trish is now squatting 85 kg, up from her previous weight of 70kgs three months ago - such a big increase in such a short time, what an achievement!!

Her desire is not only to see how strong she can become, she also wants to become flexible enough to touch her toes!

Pilates can help Trish with her goals by focussing on keeping her hips and shoulders mobile, foot posture (which influences everything), her intrinsic muscles which are the joint stabilisers, and her flexibility that will complement her strength work.

She wants it all – great strength, mobility, flexibility – go Girl!!”

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