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This month it is Agility month with Limber!

What is agility & why is it important?

Agility is an important measure of our fitness. We train what we want to become. We become what we train to be. We train our joints to be mobile, our nervous system & core to react quickly to changes in our environment, we train our limbs to move faster and with more precision.

Training gives us pep! It thoroughly rejuvenates us from deep inside, at the cellular level of our physical beings.

Attaining an agile body is self-empowering. It increases our State of Happiness like nothing else. Research shows what we already know and experience for ourselves – that doing a 1-minute all-out sprint or squat set makes us feel cheerful and strong because the intense activity actually changes our brain and body chemistry. Try this from Dr Michael Mosley.

Classes this month will help train your agility for daily living, beginning with slow movement that prepares your body for the challenge of speed, improving range of motion in your joints, good balance, learning good alignment for safe and effective exercise. Gaining confidence in your body along the way.


To celebrate agility, Limber is launching a challenge on Instagram. All you need to do is share a photo of your daily movement and let us know in comments how you keep agile. Tag into friends you love exercising with.

Prize is: two weeks unlimited online Limber mat classes valued at approximately $200.

Additional conditions to be in the running:

  • Follow @limberpliates and fb page

  • tag in two friends

  • tag #limberpilates.

  • Enter as many times as you like.

Winner or winners announced on 30/04/2021

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